Sports Shop TV, Inc. operates Sports Shop Network (SSN), a home shopping television program. SSN will reach a worldwide audience of sports fans and athletes representing all 54 known sports. It is the only network of its kind, blending retail merchandise, sports news, entertainment and commercial advertising sales into its daily program schedule. The broadcast offers viewers an array of unique sports products, memorabilia and healthy lifestyle alternatives through entertaining sports, fitness and nutrition programs and up-to-the-moment sports reporting. SSN incorporates an online retail outlet into our direct response programming and live-streamed programming on, mobile applications and social networking sites.

Simply no company in the market today offers programming that intermingles shopping with news and entertainment. This unique programming method captures the viewer’s attention, while enabling “instant satisfaction” purchases. Developing this niche in the sports industry, Sports Shop Network’s programming schedule will combine and employ these programming elements, which, by design, will spell success for the Company.


Numerous factors contribute to the extraordinary opportunity to launch Sports Shop Network now. The audience for the sports industry is growing rapidly as consumers are living healthier and more active lifestyles, females become much more loyal and aggressive sports fans, and the baby boomer generation is retiring with more money, leisure time and technology than any other generation in history.

The Company anticipates launching its first program by first quarter 2014, with first year gross revenues exceeding $11 million, and an expected annual growth rate of 127% percent in the second year. The Company's goal is to become the largest discount sports merchandise company, capturing a fraction of a percentage of market share and drive revenues over $100 million by Year 5. We anticipate a major acquisition within the first five years or earlier, however we have also secured the option of a possible IPO at this time.